Grays Hockey Sticks 2020

Check out this spectacular collection of Grays hockey sticks 2020/21. Blending exceptional experience with cutting edge hockey stick technology, Grays field hockey sticks have an outstanding reputation in the industry. Choose from a wide selection of blade profiles, including Probow, Jumbow, Dynabow, Midbow and Ultrabow. Grays Kinetic hockey sticks, including the new signature Grays KN10, represent a revolution in Grays stick design, and deliver unbelievable agility without sacrificing power. Grays GR hockey sticks, headlined by the Grays GR 10000, provide unrivalled power and performance, while the Grays GX range offers outstanding durability and playability, and a superb balance between power and control. Grays indoor hockey sticks and wooden hockey sticks complete the range.

Kinetic Hockey Sticks

The signature collection of Grays Hockey 2020/21, Grays Kinetic hockey sticks represent a revolution in stick design and deliver unrivalled agility without sacrificing power. The Grays Kinetic range features graphene reinforcement, while Geocentric Core Technology is at the epicentre of each profile, lending a complete redistribution in weight and balance, which in turn creates a light and nimble pick-up.

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Graphene Hockey Sticks

Grays Graphene hockey sticks are enhanced with graphene for ultimate power and performance. Graphene is an exceptionally strong and light material, and is precisely combined with the highly successful GX composition to forge the GR technology. By combining graphene into the composite matrix, hockey players get incredible durability and playability, and with extra power and feel to boot.

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GX Hockey Sticks

The Grays Xtreme hockey stick range embraces cutting edge technology and combines performance, durability and playability. Over the last decade Grays GX hockey sticks have continued to evolve in response to modern materials, manufacturing and playing styles.

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Indoor Hockey Sticks

Grays indoor hockey sticks provide exceptional, great value performance for indoor hockey players who demand a composite hockey stick.

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Goalkeeping Hockey Sticks

Browse Grays goalkeeping hockey sticks 2020/21 online today. The Grays Shootout Goalkeeping Hockey Stick headlines the range, which boasts reinforced mid-section for improved performance and durability, and a rounded lower handle shape that extends a goalkeeper’s reach.

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Wooden Hockey Sticks

Shop the selective range of Grays wooden hockey sticks. Bright graphics, high quality at affordable prices.

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Junior Hockey Sticks

Grays has provided a wide range of junior hockey sticks ranging from indoor to composite. All offering different profiles and innovative design techniques to bring you the most up to date and highest performing of Hockey sticks.

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