Grays hockey sticks 2016 have hit the Hockey Direct site and there are once again a plethora of stunning profiles ready to take your game to the next level.

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Grays hockey 2016/17 boasts the most technically-advanced Grays hockey stick collection to date, featuring three levels of composite technology to suit all players and techniques.

The Grays GX hockey stick range remains a leading light, while the Grays GR range has been expanded in response to exceptional player feedback.

A full Grays Kinetic line-up has been released following an extensive test period in both the lab and on the field, which delivers brilliant pick-up and agility without compromising on power or stability.

The extensive shape collection highlights the growing popularity of Grays Probow, and now features the Grays Ultrabow also.

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Grays Hockey Sticks 2016: Features & Technology

Grays Hockey Sticks 2016: Heel Protection

There are several levels of technology to help guard Grays hockey sticks from the abrasive wear of playing on synthetic pitches.

Durazone Heel Protection: Advanced formulation of abrasion-resistant materials which dramatically reduces heel wear.

Carbon Heel Protection: Mid-level heel protection featuring carbon and aramid

Integrated Heel Protection: Specific combination of high-strength fibreglass and impact-resistant resin.

Hybrid Heel Protection: Used exclusively on Grays wooden hockey sticks

Grays Hockey Sticks 2016: Backhand Zone

This area is particularly at risk from damage, due to the small surface area which bears the force of each strike.

Pro Edge Protection: Advanced formulation of impact-resistant materials and resin formulation, to help boost durability.

Carbon Edge Protection: Mid-level edge protection featuring carbon and aramid.

Integrated Edge Protection: Specific combination of high-strength fibreglass and impact-resistant resin.

Grays Hockey Sticks 2016: Playing face

The playing face dramatically affects the characteristics of each stick, especially when receiving the ball and in one-touch skills.

Pro Feel Area: Combined with aramid, the vibration-dampening foam used in Geocentric Core technology softens the first touch, while external playing surface is both textured and coated in a high-grip silicone.

Improved Feel Area: Special combination of shock-absorbing aramid and fibreglass softens first touch, while textured surface helps grip the ball.

True Feel Area: Specifically formulated composition of fibreglass in the playing face gives the true feeling of how the stick is playing

Hybrid Feel Area: Used exclusively on wooden sticks, this specific combination of fibreglass and resin helps improve feel and improve durability of wood

Grays Hockey Stick 2016: Handles

Grays hockey sticks feature three different levels of stick handle technology, to reduce the impact energy transferred from striking the ball.

Pro Dampening Handle: Lightweight high-performance foam moulded around the stick handle to efficiently dissipate shockwaves.

Energy Reduction Handle: Moulded rubber sleeve reduces the vibrational energy.

True Feel Handle: With no extra padding, this gives the true feeling of how the stick is playing.

Grays Hockey Carbon Technology

Carbon enhances the stiffness and power of each Grays hockey stick, and is available in several technologies.

Graphene Enhanced Technology: Graphene is a 2D form of carbon, and when combined into a Grays hockey stick it delivers a unique blend of powerful energy transfer for striking and shock absorption for feel and response.

Braided Carbon: High-modulus carbon woven into a seamless sheath, which surrounds the stick, providing a 360-degree torsional stability.

Tritec Carbon: Tritech carbon is woven in a unique process to give additional reinforcement, compared to twill woven carbon.

Torque Bars: Combined with twill woven carbon, the Torque Bars orientate carbon fibre in one specific direction to help reduce torsional forces caused when striking the ball.

Twill Carbon: Carbon fibre which has been woven together to create additional strength and reinforcement.

Grays Hockey Sticks 2016: Blade Profiles

Grays Probow:

The Grays Probow is a straight profile which transitions into an extremely low bow, making it perfect for 3D skills and drag flicking.

The thin profile of the stick is ideal for flicking and pushing, and is combined with an aggressively sculpted heel, which helps get underneath the ball for aerials and 3D play.

Grays Probow is great for:

  • Drag flicking
  • Dynamic 3D skills and aerials
  • Combinations of technical play, backhands and flicking

Grays Jumbow

The Grays Jumbow profile combines the low curve location of the Probow with the sweeping curve of the Dynabow, enabling a dynamic, accommodating hockey stick, with the ability to perform 3D skills and provide excellent striking power.

Suitable for:

  • Drag flicking and aerials
  • Combinations of technical play, backhands and hitting

Grays Dynabow

The Dynabow profile offers a refined, sweeping curve along the length of the stick. Combined with a slim headshape and round lower-hand profile, Grays Dynabow hockey sticks are great for all-round play and nimble 3D skills.

Suitable for:

  • Combinations of technical play, hitting and dribbling
  • Dynamic 3D skills and aerials

Grays Midbow

The Grays Midbow profile maintains a high curve location, while the face of this shape is extremely flat, with a unique cross-section profile to generate extra stiffness.

Suitable for:

  • Slap hitting, sweeping and flat techniques
  • Combinations of technical play and aerials

Grays Ultrabow

The Grays Ultrabow is the least extreme profile, which features a classic profile and gentle, sweeping curve. The micro headshape and thin toe make this shape ideal for general play and simple 3D skills.

Suitable for:

  • Combinations of general play and simple 3D skills
  • Controlled passing, receiving, and shooting

Grays Sticks Toe Shapes


  • 75° angle
  • Greater surface area for stopping


  • 45° angle
  • Traditional shape for hitting


  • 50° angle
  • Modern shape for 3D skills

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