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Hockey Goalkeeping Sticks



Browse hockey sticks for goalkeepers by famous, world-renowned hockey manufacturers, including Adidas, Grays, TK, Kookaburra and Mercian hockey goalie sticks, to name just a few.

They say you have to be mad to be a hockey goalkeeper – you’d certainly be mad to buy your hockey goalkeeping sticks anywhere else! Recognising the needs of your specialist position, our goalkeeping hockey stick collection boasts eminent brands likeGrays, TK, Adidas, Kookaburra, Mercian and Dita

Grays is known for providing stylish, innovative, and High Performing hockey sticks now bringing you two stylish Goalkeeping options.

Brings you three of its most popular ranges offering a great choice of goalkeeping sticks. If you’re looking for performance and style, look no further.

Using advanced construction technology, TK brings you two goalkeeping hockey sticks.

Bringing you a sleek and stylish goalkeeping hockey stick. Available in 2 sizes.

Discover the striking range of goalkeeping sticks from Gryphon, offered in a couple of options, find the perfect stick for you.

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