Yes, we’ve been waiting for this moment. Our 2015 ranges boasted some really cool stuff, but let’s face it, they were so last year.

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that hockey sticks 2016 have landed on the Hockey Direct website – woo-hoo!

The very latest Adidas, Kookaburra and Gryphon hockey stick ranges are ready and waiting to strut their stuff and flaunt their curvy heads to all hockey players who demand cutting edge equipment from three of the finest hockey brands in the game.

We’ll talk about the impressive Adidas and Kookaburra ranges for 2016/17 in another post, but for now we’ll focus our attention on Gryphon hockey sticks 2016.

The 2016/17 installment of Gryphon hockey sticks have hit the Hockey Direct site and there are some stunning profiles ready to take your game to the next level this season. Before making a purchase of one of these great sticks, check out these sales tips.

Gryphon Hockey Sticks 2016: Range Overview

Gryphon’s immaculate attention to detail and the knowledge earnt from years of research, testing and refinement is how the brand achieves such impressive performance levels.

The legendary Gryphon Tour hockey stick range once again headlines the collection for 2016, delivering the brand’s stiffest lay-up, unbeatable power output and the sharpest first touch. Gryphon Tour CC and Gryphon Tour Pro battle it out to be the top dogs of this popular sub-range.

The 2016 Gryphon Taboo hockey stick collection provides hockey players with intricate lay-ups designed to meet the brand’s International Player Specification power output levels. The various Gryphon Taboo sticks offer minor power level differences between the profiles, but the feel through your hands changes significantly from model to model.

The Gryphon Chrome 2016 range fuses high energy PIS lay-ups with ERS smart handle technology, and boasts unique touch and feel characteristics. Gryphon Chrome Diablo and Gryphon Chrome Elan are the leading lights in this popular sub-range.

Gryphon Essential Hockey Sticks 2016 provide a breadth of options. Adhering to the Gryphon ethos of maximising potential power whilst varying the touch and feel traits of each hockey stick, the Gryphon Essential range boasts a mid-bow profile and varying PWI classifications.

Boasting an ultra-specific mould with a flat handle for extra control and a maximised save barrier, the Gryphon Sentinel Goalie Stick takes centre stage in the Gryphon goalkeeping range.

Gryphon junior hockey sticks cater for the absolute beginner to the skilful youth player, and offer excellent value. Gryphon indoor hockey sticks and wooden hockey sticks are also available.

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