Published on: 25th June 2015

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It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for … Say hello to the Adidas Carbonbraid Limited Edition Hockey Stick – the world’s first carbon braid hockey stick. Read on if you want a supernatural feel, tremendous power and maximum durability on the hockey field.

Adidas is a global sporting giant that is constantly pushing boundaries in the industry in order to enable athletes worldwide to experience greater sporting performance. Adidas hockey sticks 2015/16 follow the trend, and the Adidas Carbonbraid Limited Edition Hockey Stick underlines the brand’s position as a global innovation leader in hockey stick technology.

Reap the rewards of optimum performance, engineered power and supernatural feel. The Carbonbraid makes a mockery of the traditional method of manual layup of carbon or other fibre compounds, opting for a new manufacturing process that applies the method of a patented braiding technology.

The fully automated operation sees a CAD-developed pre-form (inner core) braided over carbon fibres. As there are no other reinforcements required, this new Adidas hockey stick has been branded “the first pure 100% carbon stick”.

Concentration and layout of the fibres can be adjusted according to the desired characteristics of the hockey stick. Based on precise engineering, the Carbonbraid production process guarantees exceptional repeatability, as well as offering easy customisation characteristics like weight, balance and stiffness. The economical material consumption also lowers the impact on the environment.

Player benefits

After tremendous feedback from athletes worldwide, the following benefits will inspire all ambitious hockey players.

Supernatural feel: The precise engineering of the hockey stick´s inner core and wall thickness provides more feel than ever before.

Engineered power: The generated power is significantly increased as less energy gets lost while hitting the ball.

Durability: The new technology guarantees high durability due to strategic and controlled fiber placement. Higher impact resistance will dramatically reduce the return rates which are typical for high carbon content products.

Repeatability: The unique level of reproducibility with low tolerance will ensure each player will get exactly the stick characteristics ordered.

If you’d like to view the Adidas Carbonbraid in more details, simply click here.


Point of max. bow: 230mm
Balance point: 39cm (36.5 inches), 40cm (73.5 inches)
Weights: 530g (36.5 inches), 540g (37.5 inches)
Lengths: 36.5/37.5 inches
Colours: carbon black/red/white

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