What to consider when buying a hockey stick?

Published on: 12th November 2018

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Buying a hockey stick can be a daunting task. With the large number of brands, sizes, bow shape and prices it can prove to be quite a task in knowing which one is right for you.

So here we have summarised the main points to look out for when buying a hockey stick helping you to get it right the first time.

First and foremost you want decide your brand and budget. The brands are of course personal preference and that will determine the price you pay. With all brands offering a variety of bows, head shapes and lengths you will be sure to find what you’re looking for.


The next important factor is size! To make sure you are buying the right length of hockey stick, with length sizes ranging from 24-38 it is important to find the right length to allow you to play comfortably. For this you can use the recommended stick length size guide to find which height bracket you fall into to see which length would be appropriate. Having said that if you have enough experience of playing hockey, then you may prefer to go for a longer hockey stick or shorter one than recommended depending on your style of play. The longer the stick the more reach you get however if you prefer a stick that offers greater manoeuvring ability then a short hockey stick will benefit you.

Heavy, Medium or Light?

The second option is choosing your ideal weight. Whilst most manufacturers do not provide accurate weight options, the general choice would be between light, medium and heavy. Again this would be personal preference however the general rule is that heavy sticks allow for defensive players to get more distance on the ball and therefore makes it a strong choice for defenders when trying to clear the ball. The lighter sticks are great for attacking players making it more suitable for high back swings and quick ball skills.

Carbon or Fibreglass?

The next point to consider is composition which is related to price as well. Most people wanting to buy a hockey stick look for the carbon content, it is important to realise that the more carbon content will make the stick more powerful however the less carbon you have will enable greater control so again depending on the position you play, this will determine whether greater carbon is required or not.

Bow shapes

Mid bows allow for great control over the ball regardless of the position you play making it a great all round choice for those of you who do not know which bow shape to go for. If you would like to be more specific in the type of bow shape then the general rule is that a low bow will aid players who want to drag flick and lift the ball.

Micro or Maxi?

Finally you want to consider what head shape to go for. With two possible head shapes, maxi and micro. Maxi heads are great for hitting power with a large surface area but also make it a great option for defenders. Whereas micro heads are great for speed and control over the ball.

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