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Welcome to our Kookaburra Hockey Shop – your online home of quality, high-performance Kookaburra hockey sticks and hockey equipment. Team and Ultralite ranges headline Kookaburra hockey sticks 2020, while industry-leading Kookaburra hockey balls remain as popular as ever.

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Product Code: 241101
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Square Prod 1
Product Code: 246050
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Product Code: 246052
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Product Code: 246053
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Product Code: 247102
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Welcome to the Kookaburra Hockey Store, brought to you by Hockey Direct. Kookaburra Hockey 2020 is the supreme result of a whole year’s research both in the lab and on the field. It’s about evolution not revolution; it’s about enabling Kookaburra hockey equipment to become lighter, faster, stronger and more stylish. Kookaburra hockey equipment UK is both precision engineered and fashionable, and is sure to be a popular choice for the 2020/21 season.

Kookaburra Hockey Sticks 2020 represent the brand’s most sophisticated profiles to date. Kookaburra Team sticks include the revamped Team Phantom, Team X, Team Alpha, Team Conflict offer exceptional stick speed and up to 4 oz lighter than traditional profiles.

Kookaburra Lbow, MBow and Street series are also available, along with great value indoor hockey sticks and wooden sticks. Kookaburra hockey balls have been used in every Olympic Games since 1956 and the Kookaburra Dimple Elite ball is the world’s only ball with full FIH approval for use in international hockey matches.

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